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X Docking

At LRH we have use of 16 bays all fully equipped to have any sized vehicle dock to our doors. Customers can use the bays as they please at a time that suits them, whether it be for an immediate changeover of stock from one vehicle to another, or customers can leave their stock on our secure site ready to be collected at a later date, each bay is in line of sight of CCTV recording equipment, meaning our customers always know who has handled their goods, giving them peace of mind when it comes to valuable assets.

We have specialist forklift truck equipment which allows us to handle:-

·         Carpets

·         205 Metal Drums

·         205 Plastic Drums

More of our set up which is available for our customers to use includes:-

·         Rolling Rails for goods on hanging

·         Cages for more secure stock movement

·         Weighing equipment

·         Shrink Wrap machine

If you have any X-Docking query of any sort, contact us via our Get A Quote page.